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FAQ’s About
Personal Loans

How are Americor Funding's products different than:

Once approved for loans through
Americor Funding, you will receive funds as
soon as the next business day
rather than waiting for a credit card
to come in the mail.

Americor offers personal loans for
amounts ranging from
$1,000-$35,000 depending on your
unique financial situation.*

Let's compare our loans vs. credit cards
Americor Funding, LLC dba Americor Financial Personal
Credit Cards

Single Monthly Payment

Can you use the day after approval?

Do you know your monthly
payment at application?

Do you know when the debt will
end at application?

Credit cards aren't for you.

If you made some financial mistakes in the past, you may have difficulty obtaining credit.

We can help you.

An Americor loan means that you don’t have to use your savings, or even the equity in your home, to fund your home improvement projects. You are free to make whatever repairs or renovations your home needs.

Get your loan in just 2 minutes — It won't affect your credit score!

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Imagine life after paying off your credit cards.